Dinner At Your Door

It seems as if six weeks go by quickly and it is time to get volunteers. You all have been so good! Drivers that signed the tablet for June included Nellie Kompelien, Darrell and Hazel Carter, Karen Schmidt-Dill, Sharon Anderson, Brad and Amanda, Lynn Holmstrom, Helen Stukel, Pearl Lenzen and Gayle Inks.

Thanks to Joel Beninga for helping as a substitute driver on a short notice. He may be a retired police officer but continues to answer the call, immediately. I think that I heard the fork drop on his lunch plate as he was off and running and Dianne was left to finish her lunch, alone. Your service was greatly appreciated!

If you are interested in helping others in the community, please sign your name on the yellow tablet or leave your name at the office. Your next opportunity will be July 24 through July 30.

Ruby Hieb

DAYD Coordinator

Schedule and Announcements for July 3


  • Sunday, July 3 @ 9 a.m. – Worship/Communion
  • Monday, July 4 Independence Day
  • Wednesday, July 6 @ 6 p.m. – Joint Potluck/Worship at Wegdahl Park
  • Thursday, July 7 – Ramadan Ends
  • Sunday, July 10 @ 9 a.m. – Worship
  • Wednesday, July 13 – No Council Meeting tonight!
  • Sunday, July 17 @ 9 a.m. – Worship/Noisy Offering
  • Monday, July 18 – Encounter Articles Due!
  • Sunday, July 24 @ 9 a.m. – Worship
  • Sunday, July 31 @ 9 a.m. – Worship
  • Wednesday, July 6 @ 6 p.m. – Joint Workship in the Park: Potluck at 6 with worship to follow. Come and enjoy the evening together.

Concerns and Joys

  • Concerns: Liz DeBlieck; Audrey Z’s daughter, Cheryl, having knee surgery; Terry V’s friend who was mauled by a bull has reconstructive surgeries coming up; Level of fear in civil and political environment in the U.S.; Concern for and preventing violence for the GLBT community this weekend; Prayers for England, for BREXIT and for the effect on the US and world; Flooding and fires in the US.
  • Joys: Cleaning files in the church office has begun; Laura B’s tenure as a Western Fest Princess has ended; Terry V’s was there for the Gathering for Witness in Peace in the Twin Cities.


  • VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Friday afternoons is bulletin folding day. Please let Karen Schmidt-Dill know if you can come and help. Help is also needed for putting together the ENCOUNTER and getting that ready for mailing the last week of each month. Sign-up sheet in the back of the church is available. There may be other projects occasionally also that you could help with. Thanks.
  • COMMUNION PREPARERS NEEDED: People to bring bread and grape juice for the first Sunday of each month for communion are desperately needed. PLEASE sign up in ADVANCE if you are able to bring and prepare/clean-up afterwards. If you don’t wish to help distribute the elements that is alright, just let the ushers of the day know.