Meatball Dinner Prep

We have only 5 days until the Meatball Dinner! We need all hands on deck to get these meatballs ready and to finish everything else that needs to be done. As such, we will be having our Prep Day this Saturday (February 22) at 9:01 a.m. We are counting on all of you to be here if you can.

Remember: If you are working with food you must wear a hat. Any hat will do, but please pick one without any political statements.

Schedule and Announcements for February 16


  • Sunday February 16 @ 9 a.m. @ choir; 10 a.m. – worship; 11 a.m. – Sunday School
  • Saturday February 22 @ 9:01 a.m. – Food Prep Class
  • Sunday February 23 @ 9 a.m. @ choir; 10 a.m. – worship; 11 a.m. – Sunday School

Joys and Concerns

  • Concerns: Sue Rollins, Dan Maiden, Paul Ledford, Mae Peterson, Gerri Frederick, Peggy’s mom, Pearl’s family – Jenny & Cindy, Rich Rollins, Landon Berends (great nephew of Keith & Deb Koerlin) dealing with heart transplant issues, The families of Ken Carter & Ardis Mahon.
  • Joys: Sharon & Peggy visited with Sue Rollins and Barb Gustafson and they both send their greetings, The Sun is out, Margaret and Madalyn are here

Duties: February 23

  • Liturgist: Sue Selden
  • Fellowship: Chad VanOverbeke/Jeff/Sheila VanOverbeke
  • Cleaning: Gail Rohlik
  • Ushers: Volunteer