September 7 Memo and more

Greetings Everyone,

Here is hoping that everyone had a great and safe Labor Day Weekend.

This just in, note from YME CHOIR DIRECTOR, Jeff Iverson:

Starting September 21, anything you order from Schwan’s (either online or from your delivery guy), they give 20% to YME Choir for 45 days – after that it’s 2%. No added cost to what you already order if you’re a current customer.

What a tasty way to support our local school choir program. Check it out!

Most of this note is corrections or additions to the ENCOUNTER. Those of you who get it by USPS mail will have the corrections to the STORY OF FAITH in it.

There is a change in the times for the NEW MEMBERS CLASS meetings on September 19, Pearl Lenzen’s home at 6:30pm. 678 10th St in Granite. There will be a light supper served. September 26 the meeting will also be held at 6:30pm in Montevideo, place is still being discussed.

CIRCLE OF STONES will not meet in September. We will get together October 20th, the 3rd Thursday, 7:00pm at Sharon and Dick Anderson’s home.


Thursday September 8 7:00pm Circle of Stones Meets CANCELLED

Sunday September 11 9:00am Worship

Wednesday September 14 5:30pm-8pm ADVANCE SCREENING Movie “Defying the Nazis: The Sharp’s War

Wednesday September 14 7:00pm Council Meeting

Sunday September 18 9:00am Worship/Noisy Offering/RALLY Day

Special screening of a film by Ken Burns. DEFYING THE NAZIS: The Sharp’s War on September 14, Wednesday. One showing will be at 5:30pm and another showing is at 7:00pm. This is out at the Fagen Fighters WWII Museum. The UCC churches of Granite Falls and Montevideo along with Jewish Community Relations Council, Fagen Fighters WWII Museum and Pioneer Public Television are co-sponsoring the event. This screening opportunity is FREE and OPEN to the PUBLIC.

This is an untold true story of an American husband and wife who spent nearly two years on life-threatening missions in Europe to save refugees and dissidents.

A discussion let by Steve Hunegs of the Jewish Community Relations Council will follow each showing of a 35-minute portion of the 90-minute film which will air in its entirety on Pioneer Public TV on Tuesday, September 20 at 8:00pm.


In the section following the press release part of Lou Anne’s story, go to:

Paragraph 2– last sentence—the entire family got up and went home.

Paragraph 5– last sentence– Saron Cemetery

Paragraph 10– addition– In I984 Lou Anne was a very essential part of getting a food shelf going in the Neighbors United Resource Center located in the Thorkeson office, across from the Red Owl store in Granite Falls. “Farmers were coming in and sharing how they had no food. As the farm prices got better, farmers were again able to work their farms and have enough left over to feed the family. When I went to

Washington during the nineties, the food shelf wasn’t really needed in our office so it was closed,” Lou Anne said. The county had a food shelf, and Lou Anne sent the people up there. When the new courthouse was built, the Board asked them to move out of the courthouse and have their own non-profit. Lou Anne

volunteered that the Neighbors United Resource could again become involved in the Food Shelf. The Food Shelf is working hard raising funds, grant writing and has dedicated volunteers to help with this project. “Thanks to the UCC, we are happy to say they are great supporters and donators to the Food Shelf.”

Paragraph 11– 3rd sentence– Lou Anne worked with developing tribal advocates to help the tribal farmers and ranchers on the Reservations so they could also use the financial assistance from the government that other farmers were using. We worked with about 250 tribes across the country.

Paragraph 13last sentence– Lou Anne’s chapter is chapter 8, A Desperation for Knowledge.